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August 11, 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated On: Feb 19, 2009

1.    How do I change my mailing address?
       Contact the Trust Fund office at (707) 526-1996.


2.    When do I become covered (vested)?
       You automatically become covered (vested) on the day

       contributions are made on your behalf. 

3.    What is a Variable Pension Plan?
       There are six classifications of employees under this Plan,

       which are based on industry seniority under the Collective

       Bargaining Agreement, and the attainment of advanced levels

       of experience in the trade.  Please refer to the Collective 

       Bargaining Agreement for further clarification of the six


4.    When is Pension Open Enrollment?
       The Local Union mails out the Pension Open Enrollment

       election form in September and the deadline to complete and

       return the election form with any specified changes is October

       1.  The effective date of the change will be December 1.

5.    When may I retire from the Redwood Empire Electrical

       Workers Individually Allocated Pension Plan?
       When you reach age 55 (Normal Retirement Age) regardless

       of the number of years you have worked.


6.    Can I withdraw the Contribution made for me before my
       Retirement Date?
       Yes, under certain conditions. If you do not work under the

       Collective Bargaining Agreement for a twelve consecutive

       month period, you can withdraw the value of your entire Basic

       Account if that value is less than $15,000.


       If the value of your combined Basic and Voluntary Accounts is

       $5,000 or more, you cannot receive a cash distribution unless

       your spouse consents in writing.


       If the value is $15,000 or greater, your Basic Account will

       remain with the Plan until you retire or die. Benefits will then

       be paid in accordance with the Plan provisions.


7.    If I have $15,000 or greater in my account and I am under
55, is there any other option for accessing my Pension
       Two options may be available to borrow against your Pension for

       "active" participants.  "Active" shall mean that a contribution has

       been made on the participant's behalf within the previous 12 months.

       One of which is to borrow against your funds to use toward the 

       purchase of your primary residence.  Two, is to borrow against 

       your funds to save your home from foreclosure.  The minimum you

       may borrow is $1,000 and the maximum you may borrow is the

       lesser of 50% of your account balance or $50,000.  Contact 

       Redwood Empire Electrical Workers Trust Fund directly to request

       more information or to request your application.  Further information

       is listed under Loan Option within the Defined Contribution Pension 



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